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How many times have you looked up and prayed for time to slow down. Give me just one more moment like this. One more precious newborn gurgle before they are off and running. One more request to be tossed into the air or to ride on daddy's back. Our lives are made up of an infinite string of moments that however fleeting are precious and joyful.

After having my son, I understood more fully the importance of a portrait. No matter how hard I try to imprint the details of his tiny features – the wrinkle he gets on the bridge of his nose when he giggles, the chubby little rolls on his arms and legs, the way he clings to me and holds my face in his hands before planting a kiss on my cheek – I know those images will fade as time passes. Already, I can't quite recall the softness of his baby skin or the fullness of his dimpled hands.

I treasure the portraits I have of my son. They captured time and preserved those details for me. The joy that his portraits bring to me will only grow with time, as we become more and more removed from these moments. That is the true value of portraiture – to instantaneously transport you back into a time and place. To prompt your brain to recall the softness of your baby's skin, the way a bubble could bring such joy to your child's day, to the beauty and perfection of the little moments in life.

That is what I hope to give you. Let's create memories together. Let me capture your story in a timeless and elegant style.

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