The outfits you select are a critical piece to creating the overall mood and story of your portraits. When you’re planning your outfits, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, my preference is to encourage clients to select timeless, neutral colors for their portraits. You also want to consider the color palate of your home and the rooms you hope to hang your artwork.

Select a color family that compliments your home and the story you wish for your images to tell. Consider limiting your color scheme to two shades or tones within the same color family.

Keep it Simple

My favorite colors for portraits are neutrals, navy, white or off-white, and soft pastel colors. Keep in mind your skin tones when selecting colors as you want the clothing to compliment your skin tone and accentuate your features. We will discuss the right color combination for your images in detail. Lastly, keep in mind that you don’t all have to match — picking a coordinating color palate adds variety to the images and shows off each person’s personality without becoming too busy.

Solid colors help to keep the focus of the image on the subjects rather than their clothing. If incorporating a pattern is important, it's best to select one person who will wear the subtle pattern. 

The Details

Once you’ve established a color palate, you can add items like scarfs, jewelry, blazers, etc. to create different looks using the same basic outfits during the session. In some cases, we will have time for an outfit change; but, not all sessions allot time for multiple full wardrobe changes.

Try on your clothes before the portrait session. Make sure that you feel comfortable – is the length appropriate for moving, being posed sitting or standing, is anything digging into you or pinching? How is the neckline? It’s especially important to try on your children’s outfits prior to the session to make sure they feel comfortable. This will help avoid potential meltdowns during the session.

Finishing Touches

Remember to stay well hydrated as that will give your skin a beautiful natural glow. If your session is in the summer, try not to spend too much time in the sun creating dark tan lines that might compete with your clothing. 

As far as hair and makeup, you’ll want to avoid making any dramatic changes to your overall appearance the few days prior to your session. I always encourage female clients to wear a minimum of mascara and lip gloss to the session. If you are not someone who typically wears make-up, those two items (along with a great moisturizer!) will accentuate your features for the session. 

Your hands will be in many images – clean, well manicured nails are highly encouraged. Neutral nail polish colors are usually best. Don’t forget to give your little one’s nails a trim as well!

Before Your Session

Your session will be custom designed for you. We will discuss your personal goals for the session – what do you want to remember about your child at this stage, what story do you want your images to tell, and how do you want to remember this time. Are you interested in heirloom quality albums with lay flat pages and buttery soft covers that you can pass down from generation to generation? Do you want a beautifully crafted museum quality print that you can enjoy every time you snuggle your little one while sitting on the couch?

I provide a personalized wardrobe consultation, including hair and make-up choices that best compliment the session location and bring out the beauty of the landscape while creating timeless images for your family to treasure.  

During Your Session

Your portrait session will be fun – you'll play games with your children, laugh with your family, and be silly together. We'll incorporate a lot of candid moments and close up images of your family enjoying being with one another – honest photographs that capture the special bond between your family members. I always include variety in our poses, backdrops and angles to ensure that you will have a wide variety of images to choose from. 

After Your Session

We will schedule your design an ordering appointment. You will view a slideshow of your images and will have access to samples of all of my products. You'll touch and feel buttery soft albums, see archival quality prints, and discover the beauty of mounted canvases.

We will select the products and packages that best compliment your home and allow you to treasure your images for a lifetime to come.

Most Maria Lapins Photography clients invest between $800 – $3500 in their portrait session and products; there is no minimum order required. Print prices begin at $75.

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